Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Norma Smallwood

Norma Descygne Smallwood capture foremost place in both the bather's review and the evening gown contest and the following evening was crowned Miss America 1926. Smallwood was a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma who earned the Miss Tulsa title and graduated from high school at age 16. She was a student at the Oklahoma College for Women when she competes for Miss America. Her hobbies included swimming, dancing, horseback riding and serve as captain of her college hockey team. Smallwood is renowned as being the first Native American to win the crown. She was the daughter of Mahalia Angela Smallwood and Edward Smallwood. She was married two time, the names are Thomas Gilcrease and George H. Bruce



May 12, 1909


Oklahoma, U.S.

Birth name

Norma Descygne Smallwood




5' 4"


118 pounds


Miss Tulsa

Miss America 1926

Major competition(s)

Miss America (winner)

Date of death

May 8, 1966

Death Place

Wichita, Kansas,U.S

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