George Washington
February 22, 1732

Birth Place
Westmoreland County,

Colony of Virginia, British America

Resting place
Washington family vault,

Mount Vernon, Virginia

American British

Political party

Martha Dandridge Custis Washington

Farmer, Soldier

Church of England / Episcopal

December 14, 1799

Death Place
Mount Vernon, Virginia

George Washington was served as the first legal President of the United States, and he was an commander of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War from 1775 to 1783. His role in the revolt and subsequent freedom and formation of the United States was significant, and is seen by Americans as the "Father of Our Country". Washington avoided war and maintained a decade of peace with Britain upon sign the Jay Treaty in 1795, despite strong opposition from the Jeffersonians. He was awarded the primary Congressional Gold Medal with the Thanks of Congress in 1776.

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