Obama ranked as the 15th top best president of US

Washington, July 2 Barack Obama has been ranked as the 15th best US president, just below Bill Clinton but ahead of Ronald Reagan, in a new poll of foremost presidential scholars.
The Siena College survey, which surveyed 238 presidential scholars at US colleges and universities, rated Obama two places below Clinton, who was 13th best, and three better than Reagan, who is ranked as the 18th best.

Franklin D. Roosevelt again earned the top spot, as he has each time since the poll was first conducted in 1982.Obama's 15th ranking is slightly higher than other presidents who have taken office since the poll started almost 30 years ago. Mainly start out at about number 20, said Siena statistics professor and poll director Douglas Lonnstrom.

While he ranked elevated on traits like imagination (6th), communication ability (7th) and intelligence (8th), Obama rated poorly ratings on background (32nd), which was composed of traits like family, education and experience.Several other presidents also saw movement in their ratings this year. Bill Clinton moved up five places, from No. 18 in 2002 to No. 13 today; John F. Kennedy also moved up, from No. 14 to No. 11.

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