World Trade Center
The World Trade Center was planned by Minoru Yamasaki in the early 1960s using a tube-frame structural design for the twin 110-story towers. In gaining support for the project, the Port right of New York,United States and New Jersey decided to take over the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad which became the Port Authority Trans-Hudson (PATH). Groundbreaking for the World Trade Center take place on August 5, 1966. The North Tower was finished in December 1970 and the South Tower was finished in July 1971. The construction project involved excavating a great amount of material which was used in creation Battery Park City on the west side of Lower Manhattan.

The complex was situated in the heart of New York City's downtown financial district and contained 13.4 million square feet of office space. The Windows on the World restaurant was located on the 106th and 107th floors of the North Tower while the Top of the World inspection deck was located on the 107th floor of the South Tower. Other World Trade Center buildings included the Marriott World Trade Center; 4 World Trade Center; 5 World Trade Center; 6 World Trade Center, which housed the United States society. All of these buildings were built between 1975 and 1981.

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Al-Qaeda-allied hijackers flew two 767 jets into the complex, one into each tower, in a coordinated suicide attack. After burning for 56 minutes, the South Tower distorted, followed a half-hour later by the North Tower, with the attacks on the World Trade Center resulting in 2,750 deaths. 7 World Trade Center distorted later in the day and the other buildings, although they did not fall down, had to be demolished because they were damaged beyond repair.

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