Harry Saltzman

Harry Saltzman was a Canadian theatre and film producer best known for his mega risk which resulted in his co-producing the James Bond film series with Albert R. Broccoli. He lived mainly of his life in Denham, Buckinghamshire. About the age of 17 he together a circus and traveled with them for some years. By the start of second World War in 1939 he was serving in the Canadian Army in France. His profession in the war may have included some intelligence work. After the war, Saltzman ended up in Paris, where he met a migrant from Romania whom he married, Jaquie. In early 1961, eager by reading the James Bond novel Goldfinger, he made a bid to land film rights to the character. Saltzman co-founded Danjaq and S.A. with Albert R. Broccoli in 1962. It was a investment company responsible for the copyright and trademarks of James Bond on screen, and the parent company of EON Productions, which they also set up as a film making company for the Bond films.
October 27, 1915
Birth Place
St. John New Brunswick, Canada
Film producer
Known for
James Bond Films
Jaquie Saltzman
Cause of death
Heart Attack
September 28, 1994

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