James A. Garfield

Born November 19, 1831
Birth PlaceMoreland Hills, Ohio
Birth name James Abram Garfield
Political partyRepublican
Spouse(s)Lucretia Rudolph Garfield
ReligionChurch of Christ
DiedSeptember 19, 1881
Death PlaceElberon, New Jersey

James Abram Garfield was served as the 20th President of the United States. Garfield served as a major common in the United States Army during the American Civil War and fought at the Battle of Shiloh. Garfield became the Republican Party nominee for the 1880 Presidential Election and successfully beaten Democrat Winfield Hancock. Due to expenses so little time as President, Garfield accomplished very little. In his inaugural address, Garfield outlined a desire for Civil Service improvement which was eventually passed by his successor Chester A. Arthur in 1883 as the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act. His presidency was cut short after he was shot by the psychologically disturbed Charles J. Guiteau while entering a railroad station in Washington D.C. on July 2, 1881. He was the second United States President to be assassinated.

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