Margaret Gorman

Margaret Gorman is best recognized for being the first Miss America, from the year 1921. Gorman was chosen from a photo status contest and finalist round as the first "Miss Washington, D.C.," and was invited on that count to join the Second Annual Atlantic City Pageant as a pleased guest. This was detained on September 8, 1921. There she was invited to connect a new event: the "Inter-City Beauty" Contest. She won two titles, "Inter-City Beauty, Amateur," and "The Most Beautiful swim Girl in America" after competing in the Bather's Revue. Finally, she won the impressive prize, the Golden Mermaid trophy. She was predictable to protect her positions the next year, but since someone else was "Miss Washington, D.C.," and her other titles were a bit discomfited, they decided to crown her "Miss America." She is the only Miss America to get her crown at the end of the year. Gorman was the lightest Miss America, at 108 pounds, until 1949, when five-foot three and one half inch Jacque Mercer of Phoenix, Arizona, weigh in at 106, won the at present coveted title.
August 18, 1905
Washington, D.C., U.S.
Birth name
Margaret Gorman
5' 1"
108 pounds
Miss Washington, D.C.
Golden Mermaid Award
Miss America 1921
Major competition(s)
Miss America (winner)
Date of death

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