Mary Katherine Campbell

Mary Katherine Campbell was the only person to make it the Miss America Pageant twice. She was Miss America 1922 and Miss America 1923, and she was also First Runner Up at the 1924 Miss America Pageant. Opposing as "Miss Columbus, Ohio" in all three pageants, Campbell was only sixteen years old at the time of her first top in 1922. After the 1924 pageant, in which the judge's scores revealed that Campbell had approximately won the title a third time, the Miss America Organization changed the rules so that "a competitor may only win the Miss America title once." She became "Miss Columbus" over a field of 170 additional women, and proceeded to Atlantic City where the Inter-City contest had grown to include 57 women from around the country. Campbell enters her second successful effort in the beauty pageant as Miss America competing in Atlantic City against a field of 56 other women.
December 18, 1905
Columbus, Ohio, U.S.
Birth name
Mary Catherine Campbell
5' 6"
130 pounds
Miss Columbus, Ohio
Miss America 1922
Miss America 1923
Major competition(s)
Miss America (winner-twice)
Date of death

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