Larry Page
Lawrence "Larry" Page is a American computer scientist and industrialist, who co founded Google Inc., along with Sergey Brin. Page is an active investor in option energy companies, such as Tesla Motors, which developed the Tesla Roadster, a 220-mile range battery electric vehicle. He continues to be dedicated to renewable energy technology, and with the help of, Google's philanthropic arm, promotes the acceptance of plug-in hybrid electric cars and other alternative energy investments.

In 1998, Brin and Page established Google, Inc. Page ran Google as co-president along with Brin until 2001 when they hired Eric Schmidt as Chairman and CEO of Google. Together Page and Brin earn an annual compensation of one dollar. In 2004, Page and Brin were name "Persons of the Week" by ABC World News Tonight. Page acknowledged an honorary doctorate from the University of Michigan on May 2, 2009 during the commencement ceremony exercises of the class of 2009. In 2009, he was ranked 26th on the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires and as the 11th richest person in America, in spite of his compensation of one dollar annually. In 2009, Brin and Page were ranked fifth on Forbes' "The World's mainly Powerful People" list.
Birth Date
March 26, 1973
Birth Place
East Lansing, Michigan
Birth Name
Born Lawrence "Larry" Page
Computer scientist, technology innovator, entrepreneur
Known for
Co-founder of Google Inc.
Net worth
US$17.5 billion
Lucinda Southworth

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