Marilyn Meseke Meseke has distinction of being twice crowned Miss Ohio and Miss America in 1938. Meseke enter and won the Miss Ohio contest twice. Her first title was won in 1931 at the age of 14; her young age reserved her from the national pageant. Her second title in 1938 eligible her to represent Ohio in the national Miss America Pageant. 1938 was the first year that talent became a score event in the contest which was fortutitous as Meseke was a talented tap dancer. While her hometown listens to the pageant on the radio, Meseke won the crown on September 10, 1938. The event also noticeable the first time that movie audiences could see a Miss America being crowned through news reel footage shown the week following the event. Meseke’s go back to Marion on September 29, 1938 included a night time parade attend by 30,000 well wishers from hometown and surrounding communities. Following the pageant win, Meseke continued to make appearances and lecture dance in Marion.
October 7, 1916
Marion, Ohio
Stanley Hume
Miss Ohio
Major competition(s)
Miss America
Date of death
September 12, 2001

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