Mary Ann Mobley Ann Mobley was former Miss America, actress, and television personality. She wedded actor Gary Collins in 1967. Their daughter, Mary Clancy Collins, is a superior Vice President with MGM Television. After helping her reign as Miss America 1959, Mobley embarked on what has been a long career in both film and television. She has been active in many generous causes and was awarded the Outstanding Young Woman of the Year Award in 1966 by Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson. Mobley appeared in many movies, and on such television shows as Fantasy Island, Custer, Mission: Impossible and The Love Boat. She landed a chronic role on the show Falcon Crest and played Maggie McKinney/Drummond in Different caress during the series' final season, replacing Dixie Carter. Mobley was an infrequent panelist on Match Game in the 1970s and appeared on Super Password with Collins during the 1980s. Coincidentally, Mobley once show as a guest star on Designing Women, which starred Dixie Carter.
Born February
17, 1939
Birth Place
Brandon, Mississippi
Gary Collins
Major competition(s)
Miss America 1959

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