Yolande Fox

Yolande Betbeze Fox was the Miss America in 1951. Fox entered Miss Alabama for the scholarship chance the pageant presented. Having been educated in a convent school, she was unwilling to pose in a swimsuit and refused to do so after she won Miss America. That led the swim suit company, Catalina, to take out their sponsorship of the Miss America pageant and eventually brought about the creation of the rival Miss USA pageant. The Miss America Organization has claimed that Fox's actions were essential in directing pageant progress towards recognizing intellect, values, and leadership capability, rather than focus on beauty alone. From then on the Miss America pageant intense more on scholarship than beauty. Fox was an opera singer and did gain a standing in that area. She was occasionally seen "dating" baseballer Joe Dimaggio, although it was later exposed they were only close friends. She married Matthew Fox and they had a daughter.
Birth Place
Mobile, Alabama
Matthew Fox
Miss Alabama, Miss USA
Major competition(s)
Miss America 1951

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