Dave Chappelle - American screenwriter, comedian, television/film producer and actor

Dave Chappelle most known as American screenwriter, comedian, television/film producer and actor. Chappelle began his film profession in the film Robin Hood: Men in Tights in 1993 and constant to star in minor roles in the films The Nutty Professor, Con Air, and Blue Streak. His first lead role in a film was in Half Baked in 1998. In 2003, he became extensively known for his popular sketch comedy television series, Chappelle's Show, which ran until 2006. Comedy Central ranks him forty-third in its record of the 100 greatest stand-up comedians.

He also owns many houses in Xenia, Ohio. Regarding his home in Yellow Springs, Ohio, Chappelle says, "Turns out you don't need $50 million to live approximately these parts, just a nice smile and a kind way about you. You guys are the finest neighbors ever," he stated at a blues and jazz celebration in the town in mid-September 2006, "That's why I come back and that's why I am staying." Chappelle is a Muslim; he changed to Islam in 1998. He told Time Magazine in a May 2005 interview, "I do not usually talk about my religion publicly because I don’t want people to connect me and my flaws with this beautiful thing. And I believe it is beautiful if you study it the right way."
Birth name
David Khari Webber Chappelle
Date Of Birth
August 24, 1973
Place Of Birth
Washington, D.C., U.S.
Stand-up, television, film
Satire/political satire, improvisational comedy, observational comedy, surreal humor, sketch comedy
Racism, race relations, American politics, African American culture, pop culture, recreational drug use, human sexuality, morality
Elaine Chappelle

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