Emmy Award - television production award

Emmy Award
An Emmy Award called as the Emmy, is a television production award, similar in nature to the Peabody Awards but more focused on entertainment, and is measured the television equivalent to the Academy Awards and the Grammy Awards. A mass of Emmys are presented in various sectors of the American television industry. As such, the awards are presented in different area-specific ceremonies held annually throughout the year. The two ceremonies that generally receive the most media coverage are the Primetime Emmys and the Daytime Emmys, primarily identify excellence in American primetime and daytime entertainment programming, respectively. Other important Emmy Award ceremonies include those honoring national sports programming, national news and documentary shows and engineering success in television.

Regional Emmy Awards are also presented throughout the country at different times through the year, identify excellence in local and state-to-state television. In addition, International Emmys are awarded to know excellence in TV programming produced and originally aired outside the United States. Three related but divide organization present the Emmy Awards: the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (ATAS), the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), and the global Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Each is conscientious for administering a particular set of Emmy award shows.
Emmy Award
Awarded for
Excellence in Television

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United States

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