Oprah Winfrey

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey this year saw her earnings fall by a staggering $125 million, down 43% from a predictable $290 million last year. However, even with the drop, she remains the uppermost earner on the list, just inching out director Michael Bay. It's been a challenging year for Winfrey, who signed off from her 25-year syndicated show and right away curved her attention to struggling cable network OWN. The bulk of the earnings dive comes from lost income on The Oprah Winfrey Show, but her diversified portfolio includes O:
The Oprah Magazine, spin-off shows like The Dr. Oz Show and a radio agreement with Sirius. She does not earn a salary at OWN, which has faced ratings disappointments and economic issues since it premiered in Jan. 2011. As chairman and CEO of the joint venture with Discovery Communications, she hopes a fresh restructuring; new programming and a sharing deal with Comcast will turn the network around.

At a Glance

* Entrepreneur, Personality
* Age: 58
* Source of Wealth: Television, Self-made
* Residence: Chicago, IL
* Country of Citizenship: United States
* Education: Bachelor of Arts / Science, Tennessee State University
* Marital Status: Single

Forbes Lists

*#2 Celebrity 100
* #1 in Money
* #1 in TV/Radio
* #13 in Press
* #18 in Social
* #19 in Web
*# 442 Forbes Billionaires
* #148 in United States
*# 139 Forbes 400
*# 14 Power Women

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