The anti-US Protest in Tribal Region

The Pakistani armed forces blocked a convoy carrying thousands of Pakistanis and a small deputation of U.S. anti-war activists from incoming a lawless ethnic province along the border with Afghanistan on Sunday to objection American drone strikes. The group, led by cricket star twisted elected official Imran Khan and his opinionated party, was turned back just miles from the edge of South Waziristan.
After an hour of fruitless consultation, Khan announced that the caravan would back down to the city of Tank, about 15 kilometers (nine miles) away. There, he delivered a talking to the crowd of about 10,000. Khan has harshly criticized the Pakistani government's collaboration with Washington in the fight beside Islamist militants. He has been particularly outspoken beside U.S. drone strikes targeting militants and has argued that the country's grouping with Washington is the main reason Pakistan is facing a household Taliban revolution. 

He has optional before that militant bustle in Pakistan's tribal areas will disperse when the U.S. ends the war diagonally the border in Afghanistan. "We want to give a message to America that the more you carry out murmur attacks, the more public will hate you," Khan told the multitude. The anti-American emotion, always high in Pakistan, was obvious in the crowd that waved banners saying "Down with America," and "The friend of America is the collaborator of the nation." 

Pakistan's tribal regions, such as North and South Waziristan, limit Afghanistan and serve as bases for militant groups such as the Taliban to period raids across the limit into Afghanistan. The complaint convoy of about 150 cars set out on Saturday from the assets Islamabad, traveled 400 kilometers (250 miles) and then stopped while sleeping in the city of Dera Ismail Khan. The plan for the second and final day was to journey another 120 kilometers (70 miles) to reach Kotkai in South Waziristan. But the military stopped the group in the town of Kawar.

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