The History of BillGates and about Microsoft

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in a family having wealthy business, political and community service environment. His great-grandfather was a state representative and a mayor, his grandfather was vice president of nationwide bank and his father was a lawyer. Bill powerfully believes in hard work. He believes that if you are clever and know how to apply your cleverness, you can attain everything. From early days Bill was determined, clever and aggressive. This character helped him to achieve top position in the vocation he chose.
In school, he had an outstanding record in mathematics and science. He used to be in fact bored in school and his parents knew it, so they always tried to feed him with more in order to keep him busy. Bill's parents came to know about their son's cleverness and determined to enroll him in a confidential school, known for its intense educational atmosphere. It was a very significant conclusion in Bill's life, and it was there that he was introduced to a computer. Bill Gates and his acquaintances were very much involved in the world of encoding and formed "Programmers Group" in late 1968. 

Being in this group, they establish a new way to apply their skills in college of Washington. In the next year, they got their first chance in Information Sciences Inc. in which they were chosen as programmers. ISI (Information Sciences Inc.) agreed to provide them royalties when it made money from any of the group's curriculum. As a result of the production arrangement signed with Information Sciences Inc., the group also became a lawful business. Bill and his close friend Allen started new corporation of their own, Traf-O-Data. They developed a small computers to gauge traffic flow. 

From this scheme they earned around $20,000. The era of Traf-O-Data came to an end when Bill left the university. In 1973, he left home for Harvard University. He didn't recognize what to do, so he enrolled his name for pre-law. He took the normal freshman courses with the exemption of signing up for one of Harvard's toughest arithmetic courses. He did well there, but he couldn't find it attractive. He spent a lot of long nights in facade of the school's computer and the next day sleeping in class. After leaving school, he almost lost himself from the humanity of computers. Bill and his friend Paul Allen remained in close get in touch with even though they were away starting school.

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