History of John Brown and his awards

John Brown
John Brown was a fundamental abolitionist who supposed in the violent conquers of the slavery system. During the Bleeding Kansas disagreement, Brown and his sons led assault on pro-slavery inhabitants. Explanatory his events as the will of God, Brown soon became a hero in the eyes of Northern activists and were quick to take advantage of on his growing status. Abolitionist and rebellious.
Born in Torrington, Connecticut, Brown exhausted his boyhood in Ohio, where he mingles from the first with enthusiastic adversary of slavery. While his specialized life characteristic a sequence of business failures, his family errands grew even as his abolitionist philosophy extends. 

Brown had toyed with the idea for years, but it took form after a gathering of Brown and his faction in the free black culture of Chatham, Ontario, in the winter of 1858. He planned to aggravate a black revolution through equipped interference in northern Virginia, thereby launch a stranglehold to which escapees could flee and from which additional revolution might be spawned. News of the raid excites the North and annoyed the white South. Brown was trying and criminal of disloyalty. His behavior his defense with unusual smartness, transmission to faction and supporter the appearance of a strongly inspired and unselfish spiritual sacrifices. Many psychiatrist then and since have finished that Brown's raid did much to hurry the coming of the Civil War.

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