The Victorious Battle of Gettysburg- Pennsylvania

The Battle of Gettysburg was one of the biggest events in American history, fought in Pennsylvania. It was one of the bloodiest battles where thousands of men were left either dead or injured. Nowadays this battle is so important because it was a rotary spot for the United States in the civil war. The battle had a political significance as well and the Union gained control of the confederates because they were able to conquer them. The champion in the Battle of Gettysburg gained the power to rule the United States. The fight of Gettysburg was vital in that President Abraham Lincoln talked about it in his Gettysburg Address.

The blood Battle of Gettysburg lasted three days. It began July 1, 1863, and finished on 3rd July, 1863. There were 93,921 soldiers on the Union side and concerning 72,000 on the side of the Confederates. Casualties were disturbing throughout the Battle of Gettysburg. The Confederates lost the life of 23,231 men, and the Union lost 23,051 men. The toughest day of the fight was on the last day when about 12,000 partner soldiers took on battle with the Union soldiers at the graveyard. The Union had an important amount of weaponry and attacked strong. As a result, the Confederates had lost so numerous soldiers that they had to give up and retreat.

The bereavement of soldiers reached a rate of 51,000 and all the soldiers who died during the battle were buried in the Soldier’s National Cemetery, which is at the present called the Gettysburg National Cemetery.

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