U.S. Men’s Archery Team won the silver at RIO 2016

After receiving back in the Olympic finals Saturday, the U.S. men’s archery side was put up the similar result as in 2012 -- a silver medal. But, this point, they were happy.

“It is a completely different feel and sensation of pleasure for sure,” told Jake Kaminski, a couple of coming back side members who as well won silver at the 2012 Games in London. “It went in addition to we perhaps might have made it. It was our finest game of the day and I wouldn’t modify our performance.”
The South Koreans shot six successive bull’s-eyes to open the gold-medal game at the Sambodromo. Led by Woojin Kim, South Korea ended with 15 of its 18 shots picking a 10 on the standard scorecard.

“It was a be-perfect kind of night,” stated Team USA’s Brady Ellison, who also finished in London. “We were darn good, so they were perfect.”

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