Amell is setting his sights on American Ninja Warrior

Stephen Amell is perhaps the greatest special effect on Arrow. Amell has the look of a superhero, and he’s got the physicality and the athleticism to back it up. Amell can not only climb a salmon ladder, he’s a really compelling performer as well. It’s hard not to admire Amell’s willingness to take on challenges outside of his TV show.
Two years ago, Amell took part in a match at WWE’s SummerSlam. And later this month, Amell is setting his sights on American Ninja Warrior. Via TVLine, the first footage from Amell’s appearance on Celebrity Ninja Warrior: Red Nose Day has emerged. And unsurprisingly, Amell doesn’t seem to be phased at all. If anything, the famous obstacle course appears to be too easy for Amell, who actually plays to the crowd between the challenges.

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