Russian media trash Trump

Russian state-controlled media - once quite the fans of Donald Trump - were scathing about the US president's performance at the talks.A Channel One report from the summit said it had "failed miserably, dealing another blow to the reputation of the American leader".Over on Rossiya 1 TV, a presenter said the outcome was "predictable", as Mr Trump had "arrived at the new summit with old tactics", while NTV pointed out that Russia had warned Washington's "position of ultimatums" would not work.One Rossiya 1 presenter suggested Mr Trump had only been interested in distracting people from the testimony of his former lawyer, Michael Cohen.In the papers, the independent Novaya Gazeta looks on the bright side, saying that the leaders - while "still extremely far from the Nobel Peace Prize" - have at least stopped swapping insults.But in mass tabloid Moskovsky Komsomolets, one pundit is withering, saying one "has to understand the core of a subject to make compromises, while Trump is the most ignorant head of state in US history".

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