President Barack Obama and Chancellor Angela Merkel attend a private dinner

President Barack Obama had been dinner with German Chancellor Angela Merkel after reached in Berlin on Wednesday.
The White House states it is an "informal and also private" dinner at Obama's hotel. Journalists going with Obama are not getting allowed to observe the event. The both leaders porgram a far more formal meeting on Thursday, and will also hold a joint press meeting while Obama is in Germany.

President Barack Obama arrived at the Tegel airport in Berlin

US President Barack Obama has made a solid defence of globalisation as he arrived in Germany on his concluding visit to Europe before departing office. In a joint article, 
Mr Obama and also German Chancellor Angela Merkel declared that with the worldwide financial position developing more rapid than ever, co-operation was vital. Mr Obama appeared in Germany from Athens where he had warned of threats to modern democracy.

President Barack Obama meets Greek Prime Minister

Tsipras himself won elections last year on what critics say was a populist platform, though one on the left of the political spectrum. He pushed his formerly small radical left party onto the forefront of Greece’s tumultuous political scene by telling Greeks weary from six years of financial crisis and falling living standards that he would reject austerity measures imposed in return for the country’s bailouts.
But after the near collapse of negotiations with Greece’s creditors  other European countries using the euro currency, and the International Monetary Fund  Tsipras performed a political about-face, signing up to a new bailout and more austerity to prevent his country being forced out of the euro.

President Barack Obama speaks during a press conference at Athens

Addressing during a combined news conference with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on the first day of his visit Tuesday, Obama described Trump’s win as a reaction against financial uncertainty, suspicion of elites along with a desire to reign in the excesses of globalization, and said world leaders must focus on their citizens’ very real fears of inequality and economic dislocation.
“The a lot more aggressively and efficiently we handle those issues, the much less those anxieteies may channel themselves into counterproductive strategies that can pit people against one another,” Obama stated.

Obama’s speech are being observed watchfully by world leaders who see parallels between Trump’s election along with the rise of far-right and populist actions in their own nations amid persisted economic anxiety.

Barack Obama meet the Greek President

U.S. President Barack Obama meets with Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos at the Presidential Mansion during his visit to Athens, Greece

Protesters gathered in Greece against the visit of U.S President

Greek riot police used tear gas and stun grenades Tuesday in Athens to disperse about 3,000 left-wing marchers protesting a visit by President Obama after they tried to enter an area off-limits to demonstrators.
Mr. Obama’s visit comes just two days before the country’s main annual anti-American demonstrations, which commemorate the bloody suppression, by military authorities, of the Polytechnic pro-democracy uprising.

State dinner in Obama’s honor at the Presidential Mansion

The last visit to Greece by a U.S. president was by Bill Clinton in 1999, which was also marred by clashes between anarchists and riot police.
In this photo, U.S. President Barack Obama listens as Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos speaks during a state dinner in Obama’s honor at the Presidential Mansion in Athens, Greece 

Barack Obama visit the Acropolis in Athens

President Barack Obama toured Greece’s most famous ancient monument, the Acropolis citadel, and delivered a speech to the Greek people Wednesday as he finished up the first leg of his final foreign tour as president before handing over the White House to President-elect Donald Trump. 
President Obama lingered at the base of the Parthenon, gazing at the columns and glancing around at the panoramic view of Athens as he chatted with his guide, Eleni Banou of the Culture Ministry’s antiquities division.